Epworth House - More Than Just University Accommodation

Mission and Purpose Statement - A Christian Missional Community within Leichhardt Uniting Church
Epworth House (EH) is first and foremost a Christian Community. It is a vital part of, and attached to, Leichhardt Uniting Church (LUC).  As a Christian community, including many students and recent graduates, it exists to nurture and enable its residents to study, work and grow in Christ together and build up the life and witness of LUC.
Epworth House is not simply a building that houses independent resdients. Being primarily a household of believers, EH requires real participation in the worship and missional life of LUC from its members together, with a daily determination to share in the welfare and lives of all EH members. As such, it is under the supervision of a committee of Leichhardt Uniting Church and its Minister(s). Day to day operations are overseen and managed by the EH Manager and the appointed Resident Assistants. Agreeing to live in Epworth House means that you are committed to its stated missional aims and of creating a joyful and “safe and affirming place” for all community members, and to cooperating with the RAs and EH Manager to ensure the safety and welfare of all EH members. 
In light of the expressed emphasis of Christian Community and participation in the life and work of LUC, if you are interested in joining us, please contact the manager with an expression of interest.

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