Epworth House  - A Christian Community at Leichhardt Uniting

Epworth House is a Christian Community, closely connected to Leichhardt Uniting Church. As a Christian community (of students and graduates), it exists to nurture and enable its residents to grow in Christ together and build up the life and witness of Leichhardt Uniting Church. It is not a boarding house of independent residents. As primarily a household of believers, it requires of its members real participation in the worship and missional life of Leichhardt Uniting Church, together with a commitment to share in the welfare and lives of all Epworth House residents.


Applications are open for 2020

If you are interested in applying for accommodation at Epworth House, click here.


Address: 5 Wetherill St, Leichhardt (next to Leichhardt Uniting Church)

Contact: Carol Hirt - House Manager ( manager@epworthhouse.org.au)



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