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Frequently Asked Questions - Commitments: Community 


What are my day-to-day expectations?

You will expect to living in a Christian community with up to 23 other people. This will involve you in showing them respect and understanding. You will be expected to work with your housemates to complete all standard living duties, including cooking, cleaning, arranging maintenance, shopping and any other regular activities. It is vital to the life of the House that housemates communicate with each other (writing notes does not count) so that real friendships can be built.



What kind of commitments are expected?

You will be expected to be an active member of the Epworth House community and the wider Leichhardt Uniting Church community, including regular church attendance (see below). Previous members have been active members by also participating in many different worship, mission and justice activities, including:

  • Being involved with the music for worship (e.g. Playing music or leading singing during worship)

  • Being on various church committees

  • Attending Christian Students Uniting bible studies on Campus

  • Attending Epworth House bible studies

  • Attending small groups

  • Attending School of the Prophets meetings

  • Attending the annual School of Discipleship conference

  • Attending a weekly Project FitChurch exercise class

  • Volunteering for Not For Sale Australia, a movement to end human trafficking that is based out of Leichhardt Uniting Church.

  • Helping with the rooftop Garden

  • Organising and attending social activities of Epworth House (including Movie nights, rooftop BBQs, music jam sessions, communal meals, etc), Leichhardt Uniting Church and other related groups (including our linked Christian Communities at Burwood and Maroubra).

  • and many more....

Leichhardt Uniting Church is a growing community and is always excited to celebrate the gifts and talents that people bring with them. We don’t expect you to participate in every activity, but would encourage you to participate as much as possible. The activities are not supposed to be chores, but enjoyable and rewarding experiences.


What is a "Safe and Affirming" place?

As a "Safe Place" and an "Affirming Congregation", Leichhardt Uniting is aware of the issues concerning Gay and Lesbian civil rights within the Church. LUC therefore works towards the full acceptance and ministry of devout Christian homosexual people within the Family of God. In doing so, we invite all in the Body of Christ to journey with us in moving beyond the deadlocked fight over same-sex relationships. And, as a "graced people" to join us in choosing humility over hostility, encouraging all into becoming a reconciled people with God and one another. You can Click here for more information on issues around homosexuality and the Uniting Church, and here for more information on the Uniting Church's "Safe Church" policy. 



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