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Frequently Asked Questions - Administration


Who owns Epworth House?

Epworth House is a Christian Community. The house is owned by Leichhardt Uniting Church. For more details visit the church’s website.



Who runs Epworth House?

Epworth house is administered by the Epworth House Management Committee, and is overseen by the Epworth House Manager, with assistance from the Resident Assistants. Epworth House is overseen by the Epworth House Management Committee. The committee consists of the ministers and members of the Leichhardt Uniting Church congregation.


How long can I live at Epworth House?

There is no restriction in how long a resident may stay in the Epworth House community, as long as they can still fulfil the requirements of the house. All new residents will be given a 3 month review, and annual reviews after that.



What is the Uniting Church in Australia? And what are it’s beliefs?

The Uniting Church in Australia Website can answer this best. To understand the theology and mission of the Uniting Church in Australia, it is recommended that you read the Basis of Union. If you want more information on the Uniting Church's Basis of Union, Dr Ben Myers recently conducted a series of sermons on the document at Leichhardt Uniting Church which can be found on our Resources page.


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