"Beyond the Liberal/Fundamentalist conundrum - theological animation for private and public Discipleship at Leichhardt Uniting Church…” 
The Radical Discipleship Training School (RDTS) is a short-term learning experience in Christian Formation at Leichhardt Uniting Church, Sydney Australia. As such it augments the larger annual mid-year three day discipleship conference known as the School of Discipleship (SOD).
Through multi media teaching, discussion seminars, and an interactive and in-depth study of - Scripture, Christian Formation, and Social Justice - the RDTS seeks to promote both personal and political holiness.
Participants engage in faith development and life-praxis sessions, enabling them to:

  1. Learn the essential content of “Radical Discipleship”

  2. Learn the confessional content of the Christian story, both ancient and present

  3. Reflect on ancient and contemporary practices of discipleship and justice, so as to be increasingly aware of God's purpose in Christ

  4. Develop devotional and biblical/theological skill-sets needed to:
    (i)    act out their faith at personal and political levels
    (ii)   faithfully live out the following of Jesus within the community               of the church in the contemporary world

The Radical Discipleship Training School 

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